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Creativity & Silence
with Carmy

Creativity & Silence is a meeting in stillness where a group of people are able to share from the Heart ⁓ words, sensations, music, songs, poems, drawings, dance, etc. ⁓ that either arise spontaneously, or that have been brought from home.

All is welcomed into the silence without judgement.

Every meeting is a unique, magical and joyous creation that comes into being organically in the Now.

What to Bring

For the meeting, you can bring something to share which can be of your own creation or of another person: a short extract to read, a quote, a poem, a drawing, an object, a song, some music, craftwork, a crystal... or nothing at all is needed.

How did these Meetings come into being?

The meetings arose on their own, impulsed by being part of a Eckhart Tolle Silent Group that was happening at our home in Spain, and also inspired by attending Satsangs, a kind of meeting in stillness with a spiritual teacher. The idea came very naturally and organically... the meetings originally were with friends sitting in the living-room... we'd sit in silence in a circle for a while... Then there'd be a moment where I would probably share something, some music, a poem by Rumi... and then, we'd dive back into the silence and stillness until someone felt they would share something, too, either spontaneously or they'd brought it along.

There was always the feeling of being anchored in the silence, no interrupting and not too much commenting... just letting things appear and disappear until there was a natural closure. There was much joy and amazement in every meeting seeing how things unfolded!


I held these meetings for a few years before coming to Canada, and afterwards they'd take place on Zoom during the pandemic.


Now I'm excited to offer Creativity & Silence in person again!



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